How counselling may be helpful to you

​If you are going through a difficult time, or simply wanting to explore something and make decisions about how to go forward, you may find counselling helpful. It can provide a space for you to talk things through and develop greater understanding and perspective on whatever is on your mind and in your heart.  There can be a freedom in opening up to someone who has no personal agenda for you and can help you explore the issues that are troubling you. This is what I hope to offer you as a counsellor.

How I work

My way of working is influenced by the person-centred and emotion-focused approach, which means that we can start where you are at and go in the direction that seems most relevant for you.  I am especially interested in the here-and-now and what is going on for you as you begin to unpack and explore your thoughts and feelings in the present moment.  Through our shared exploration of "all of that", my hope is that you will gain new insights and an emotional shift in your way of living with the situation or issues that you are holding.   We can talk about whatever you want, and go as slowly and gently as you want to, in a safe, boundaried and confidential space.

What a session might look like

From my experience of counselling, each session can have something of an unknown quality about it.  Neither you nor I will know all of what is going to emerge during the hour.  The direction may be zigzaggy or straight, but often with things that were previously out of sight now coming into view.  At the start of the session, I will perhaps invite you to tune in to whatever feels more at the forefront of your awareness and we can go from there.  Often it is surprising where a session can lead.  I think that there is something freeing and respectful about following whatever emerges in the moment and for us to listen together to your inner life as it comes to the surface and expresses itself in a way that hopefully feels fully heard and received.  This is where the alchemy of change can happen.

How long counselling lasts

Perhaps you are uncertain how many sessions you will want or need.  You are welcome to come for just one session and see how you find it.  And if you wish to continue, then we can make arrangements to meet, usually on a weekly basis, one week at a time.  If this sounds like something for you, why not get in touch to find out more.

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