Personal Development

Personal development is a process that invites you to look back on your life experiences and gain new insights into the person you are today.  From a place of greater self-knowledge, you can then make more conscious choices about how you shape your life going forward.

In my personal development programme, I offer simple and practical self-awareness exercises, involving writing, the use of images and other forms of creative self-expression.  Working week by week, you are invited to spend time reflecting on specific themes and then meet with me to talk through what you are discovering about yourself. ​

Many of the exercises were created by a Guatemalan psychologist called Carlos Cabarrus, with whom I studied over several years.  Other exercises are drawn from the work of Liesl Silverstone and Natalie Rogers in expressive arts therapy and Susan Bauer-Wu in the field of mindfulness.

You can find examples of the exercises here.

From time to time, I run taster courses in personal development, free of charge, and you can find more details about these here.

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