Personal Development

Personal development is perhaps more structured than counselling and, in the way that I offer it, involves a series of reflection exercises that invite you to look back on your life experiences and gain new insights into the person you are today.  From a place of greater self-understanding, you can then make more conscious choices about how you shape your life going forward.

In my personal development programme, Taking Time, I offer simple and practical self-awareness exercises, involving writing, the use of images and other forms of creative self-expression.  Working week by week, you are invited to spend time reflecting on specific themes and then, if you wish, meet with me to talk through what you are discovering about yourself.

Many of the exercises are drawn from the work of Carlos Cabarrús, the founder of the Central American Spirituality Institute, with whom I studied over several years.  Other influences include Liesl Silverstone and Natalie Rogers in expressive arts therapy and Susan Bauer-Wu in the field of mindfulness.

Themes Covered

You can find the full list of exercises here.  Feel free to click on each exercise to learn more about what they involve.

Taster Course

From time to time, I run taster courses in personal development.  You can find out more details about taster courses here.

Full Course and Tailored Programmes

Following the taster course, you are welcome to move onto the full course or choose a selection of follow-on exercises according to your particular interests.  Feel free to discuss options with me, including working on a one-to-one basis or with a small group.


"Thoughtful and poignant course. Great to reflect, enjoy and appreciate my own self, to be proud of my achievements and accepting and understanding of the challenges."

"I enjoyed reflecting on my life and it has had a very positive effect on my attitude to the future. An extremely worthwhile and helpful experience."

"Emotional, thoughtful and inspiring.  A safe and comfortable space for sharing, supported wonderfully by Sarah."

"Taking Time has given me the time to reflect on my journey to where I am now, the decisions I've made and achievements in my life. Knowing this has empowered me to feel confident in knowing what makes me happy, what causes inner turmoil and where I want to go in the next chapters of my life."

"Some of what I learned helped me to see familiar aspects in a new light, and some of the exercises revealed new ideas for consideration."

"The support and encouragement of the group was amazing. There was nothing forced, intrusive or coercive. I think we all felt that we were warmly invited into a safe, calm and welcoming space where we could trust one another."

"The six weeks were inspiring and energizing."

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