Sample Exercise

This is a nice exercise is do when you want to take stock of how you are and what is going on for you in your life.

Part 1

Go for a walk somewhere in nature and imagine that you are looking at a reflection of yourself.  Imagine that there is a mirror around you, and your natural surroundings – the trees, the water, the leaves, the earth and so on - are what reflects back.

Notice the colours and textures and shapes of everything and contemplate how different aspects of nature reflect different aspects of yourself.  Perhaps the trees represent you as a person in relation to others, the tree roots your sense of grounded-ness; the water, calm on the surface hiding other things unseen; the mud, those things that are a bit murky in your life and unclear to you; the leaves the harvest of life lessons, and so on.  The meanings and symbols that you draw from nature will be personal and unique to you.

Part 2

Notice if there is something that stands out most strongly as representing you at this moment of your life, or a particular issue that is at the forefront of your life. If there is something that catches your attention in this way, notice the details and see what feelings, words or memories come forward from you as you look at it

Part 3

When you get home, draw or paint a picture of this thing.  Free your imagination to do it in a way that speaks to your feelings.  Afterwards, work through the reflective prompts on the handout “How to explore the meaning in your picture”.

Forest Smaller Size
Me in the Brecklet woods above Ballachulish, looking at the path representing my past and future

 Part 4

Do some free-flow writing about how you are in this moment of your life.  What issues are you carrying that feel important to explore?

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