​If you are a counsellor, or work within any other helping and complementary professions, you may be interested in contacting me for supervision.

I believe that supervision is one of the most important elements in ongoing professional development. Ideally, it serves as a supportive space for you to process your work, identify new learning, attend to your self-care needs and ensure good ethical standards. ​

My approach to supervision is person-centred. I strive to work in a non-directive way and draw on the core conditions of acceptance, empathy and congruence in my way of being to you as the practitioner and in our discussions about your work with clients.

I seek to foster a relationship of trust and openness where you feel able to share freely in an atmosphere of safety and mutual respect.

​Important influences in my way of working are Hawkins and Shohet's seven-eyed model and Tudor and Worrall's series Freedom to Practise.

I offer supervision at my home in Onich, online and by phone.

​If you are looking for a supervisor and would like to explore the possibility of working with me, please do get in touch for an initial chat.

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